We developed a 2-day training program for traders from the Korean Futures Association (KOFA) who traveled long and far to visit Chicago’s CME/CBOT and participate in a training program at Northwestern University.

TeachMeFutures.com invited us to conduct a webinar on managing performance pressure.  Traders were facing industry changes (shifting from pit to screen) that challenged their endurance and livelihood. We compared traders execution of a trade to a golfers execution of a shot; both intend to avoid hazards & traps, find the fairway, hit the green and score big; but they also have to manage psychological pressure.

The most consistent fact of life is CHANGE. But the changes we’re living through in the wake of current economic reality is so disproportionate and volatile, that it’s triggering a cascade of fear and panic culminating in a flood of emergency 911 calls domestically and globally with a simple but desperate request.. “Rescue Me!”

If your looking for inspiration during times of pessimism, our 2.5 hour workshop will ignite optimism and provide the emotional fuel to help traders withstand adversity while enjoying learning lessons from explorers who risked life itself to find a true edge that brought them back from the brink of extinction.

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Earnest Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition provides valuable clues that traders can easily adapt to survive the volatility of markets that make little sense.

Half-Day Workshop

Learning Seminars

Onsite Tactical Guidance

Trader coach/analyst Mark Paulik is available for onsite, one day per week for 8-hours targeting market logic, market research and trading execution themes. The nature of his engagement can be customized to a trading groups needs and generally will consist of the following:

-A trader signs up 24 hours ahead of time to guarantee a meeting time

-Walk up times available as well

-Nature of items to open for discussion:

  1. Brainstorm on new trading ideas

  2. Correlations for new spread opportunities

  3. Various entry, exit or holding strategies

  4. Review clarity of current trading strategy

  5. Risk management ideas

  6. Solve an algo sequencing issue

  7. Discuss a research idea and have coach spend time doing the research on Fundamental Analytics or Bloomberg in the office

  8. Macro and micro trading ideas such as multiple markets, seasonality, probability, rollover aligning macro and micro strategies

  9. Using technology such as Snag it in ways to build easy to locate files that speed up research and provide a quickly accessible data repository

-Other market knowledge issues and questions

-Other issues as defined by client