Individual Coaching


Phase #1 begins the journey and is the most structured phase of the learning process. Below is a depiction of what you can expect.

  1. BulletFollowing an initial phone interview that acquaints us with your unique needs, we schedule an in-depth psychological performance assessment that helps us better appreciate the strengths and weaknesses impacting your trading.  Written and conversational feedback communicates our impressions and begins a mapping process that will guide you toward your destination.

  2. BulletWe use a structured immersion process to help you explore and uncover deeper insights into your performance patterns. Mark Douglas’ groundbreaking book, Trading in the Zone will provide a foundational understanding of how a traders psychology impacts trade execution and risk management. Weekly readings are coupled with two powerful videos, one depicting how to endure under tremendous adversity in Shackleton’s Endurance Adventure, and how to access and sustain being in the zone in The Peaceful Warrior. We encourage written reflections of what you read and see to help you link lessons learned with your trading decisions which are the foundation of a confident trading edge. 

  3. BulletThe next targets examined are your trading strategy, from the markets that attract you, to the entry, exit, and stop-loss parameters that enable proper risk management. Defining your trade strategy is challenging enough, adhering to it during volatile market conditions is even more difficult.  Our coaching process will help you clarify your strategies and tweak your parameters until confidence & coherence is securely established. You will also be learning the art of emotional regulation using a powerful biofeedback technology that offers concrete feedback whether your functioning in or out of the peak performance zone.

  4. BulletYou will be introduced to our POISED 2 PERFORM system for managing a trading day. This process was developed over a 2+ year period with professional traders in Chicago; it helped them grow their confidence and earning capacity and we believe it will benefit you as well.

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The coaching process is divided into 4 phases

        Phase #1    Mechanical   8 weeks

        Phase #2    Subjective     8 weeks

        Phase #3    Intuitive        8 weeks

        Phase #4    Integrative    6 months

This graphic depicts the ebb & flow of a trader’s learning process. Click to see PDF

Endurance Edge Coaching Orientation